• Cheese Pizza

    Want to become an admin? Well, apply in the comments and give me some reasons why would should be promoted! We have 2 admin jobs currently available on the wiki. Admins can revert edits, edit locked pages, and block users that vandalize here.

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  • Cheese Pizza


    February 28, 2013 by Cheese Pizza

    Yo! I'm Cheese, the creator of this wiki. I am going to make a list of pages we should create, before we start showing off the wiki. Bold ones are pages that are already created. After we make these pages, we can make more specific pages, like a "Cat" page, or "Snake" page.

    1. Fish
    2. Insects
    3. Mammals
    4. Birds
    5. Amphibians
    6. Vertebrates
    7. Invertebrates
    8. Reptiles
    9. Animals

    If you want to become an admin, make 50+ edits on articles and be active on the wiki, and I might promote you if you are a trustworthy user.

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